Ospitalità tramandata di padre in figlio

The bed & breakfastNido Verde” opened its doors for the first time as a Hotel and Restaurant in 1960 under the ownership of Catello Somma and his wife Nunzia.

Then at the end of 1980 his children Stefano, Salvatore, Cristina and Giuseppe decided to leave Agerola and the hotel closed. The only one who remained was Gerardo, who with Caterina, his wife, stayed to raise their children: Roberto, Francesco and Alessandro.

Una bellissima immagine vintage del Nido Verde

And so Roberto after spending time abroad and gaining experience in a variety of hotels, in 2008 decided with his brothers to revive the family tradition and reopen the “Nido Verde”, in order to offer yet more guests the warm welcome typical of the Southern Italian family.

Bed & Breakfast Nido Verde