Did you know that? The nearby Amalfi has been a flourishing Republic Marinara since the Middle Ages. Today, every four years, Amalfi guests the Historical Regatta of the Repubbliche Marinare, where local boat competes with the boats of Pisa, Genoa and Venice. The event is very important and a very intense experience for tourists. In addition to the race,  Amalfi jumps in time, with fashion shows and performances that evoke a magnificent past.

In the town of Agerola, overlooking the Amalfi Coast. The bed & breakfast is situated only 50 metres from the first few steps of the world famous walk “The Path of the Gods”, and close by to the beginnings of many other beautiful walking trails, ideal for lovers of the outdoors.

What the location also offers is the perfect base to visit the most important places in the Campania region.


A fine local bus sevice (as well as the walking trails!) will take you to the historic port town of Amalfi, the elegant towns of PositanoSorrento and Capri, Ravello famous for its art and music, the ancient city of Pompeii, the famous archaeologial site of Herculaneum and then last, but not least, the fusions of  Naples itself.

Bed & Breakfast Nido Verde